How much for a dozen?

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How much should i charge for a dozen eggs. And how should i sell them. Like should i put a sign in my yard that says farm fresh eggs the price and my phone number or just put them in a cooler with a sign that says farm fresh eggs and the price with a can or something for money?


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I suppose it depends upon how much feed is.

We take a loss.. We sell a dozen & a half for $3.

Half the time I have no eggs to use for myself because my wife constantly has some neighbor lady at the door with $3. My hens can't lay fast enough... even my kids are trying to coax the girls on.

From 14 hens we got 6 yesterday and 9 the day before that... so we get behind in two days and my wife is ALWAYS making chocolate chip cookies and substitutes a half a cup of sugar for an extra egg.

More than you wanted to know.


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I charge 2 bucks for a dozen. If I were you I would check the price of eggs in markets. Free range/organic eggs you can charge alot more for.
Also do you live in an area with foodies??? A sure sign that they are around is lots of small trendy restaurants. They pay big bucks for local organic eggs. They are not where I live but might be in your neck of the woods.

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I charge £2.00 per doz for mine here in the Uk, I also started a local egg delivery business by putting flyers in all the houses in the surrounding little villages, on average I can sell 25 doz eggs per week, it started small but has really taken off as the word has gotten round. I dont have people calling to the house so delivery to their homes is more viable for me.

Good luck and if you would like a copy of the flyer I use Pm me.....


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Oct 9, 2007
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We charge $3.00 per dz. Dh made a large egg box and have a sign on a dry erase board. I did give out my cell phone # which is strictly use for farm business only. We have a mason jar in the box for the money. Made $9.00 in sales yesterday. Good Luck with your sells.

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