how much is a dom colorpoint/siamese/tonkese suppose to weigh?

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    Heres a pic of him

    i mean the dom shorthair i have Milo now he is a big boy ^_^ big ol stomach while Chester pic above he is thin i mean i know they are suppose to be i mean i dont feel his ribs and he is heavy my mom says he is solid he eats but i just want to make sure he is getting enough cause he runs around the same as the shorthair but Milo is just plain FAT ^_^ hes a pig

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    he looks good to me from that picture!
    siams/colorpoint vary alot depending onn what lines, the "modern" or wedge heads are incredibly lythe cats...the "classic" or appleheaded siams can be quite stocky
    tonkies can be similar, depending on the lines, show lines tend to be alot slimmer/smaller than "pet" lines...

    general rule of thumb is you shoudl be able to feel the ribs but not realy See them (the last 2 ribs on either side is fine)
    he looks lovely!
    he should have a nice chest with a little tuck on the tummy.

    take a look at some pics of the wedge head siamese...
    id say your boy is kinda inbetween, hes certainly not a wedgie, but hes not as stocky as the "classics" ive met...
    personally i prefer the wediges/slimmer look like your boy...siams and colorpoints are supposed to be very athletic looking [​IMG]
    hes a beautiful cat.

    i have 2 female cats who we (my vet and i) belive are part siam, and bother are incredibly small cats, one female is 6lbs full grown the other isnt ever 4bs yet and the vet will be suprised if she makes 4 1/2 by maturitity...shes just a very lythe build
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