how much longer before laying

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Stoneville NC
    I have red and black sex links and white leghorns how much longer before they start laying and should i put a light in the coop for them. Thanks for the help i am still learning about everything.
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    i dont know that breed specifically,,,cept the leghorns,,, but they should lay at age 5 months to 7 months,, i say that long because all are different and some go at 4 months,,, and if its cold in your coop a light for heat is alright, a red 1 is best, it doesnt make them think its still day out. if its not cold enough for that, then a light wont help laying or anything else that i know of.
    sorry im not much help,, im a little "simple" hehe [​IMG]

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