How much Poultry Dust (Permethrin) to use....

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    Okay, winter doldrums and I've got a girl that checked for a mild infestation of poultry lice.

    I dosed with Permethrin, but seriously, I think I am using way too much.

    How do you all dust? How much do you use?

    I go through my cans too quickly I think. I keep it down in the coop with wood chips over it and sprinkle on the dusting areas.

    This one gal has some ragged tail feathers which caused me to check. She has eggs on a couple of shafts and I saw one louse I doused her good...but then I realized she was covered and so was I, and so was the wood pile.

    Back to my much is enough? How little can/should I use?

    Somebody on here recommended making a powder puff from an old nylon...still how much is enough? A light dusting or more of a bread board flouring?

    Lady of McCamley
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    Sometimes I just put a little under their wings and on their vents, but others I use way more on, lol. I think it says one can will do 100 birds, but I think I use more than that. [​IMG]

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