how much sand?


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May 8, 2011
my run is 8x4. How much sand do i need to purchase if I am going to fill my run with sand?
Decide how deep you want it (are you replacing the dirt, mixing it in or top dressing) and your SQ footage and ask at your hardware, or gravel company and they'll set you up.
Well, 8x4 is 32 square feet. If you wanted to put down a 3" depth of sand, you'd need 32x0.25 = 8 cubic feet of sand. If you wanted to put down a 6" depth, then 16 cubic feet. Or figure it out for whatever depth you actually DO want to put down

Good luck, have fun,

My run is about 130 square feet. I used a little over 5,200 lbs. A yard of sand weighs approx. 2,200 lbs and costs between 7.00 and 20.00 a ton around here.
I get a dump truck load 2 times a year. It will disappear as they bathe, scratch and whatever. My run is 12x25, and has a slight slope. They will undoubtedly dig and bathe along the edges and make holes so make sure you have your hardware cloth deep enough so they will not go under, or worse yet, have predators in after dark. All the best. R

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