How much would you pay for PET/CHICKEN SITTING ?

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    On the other hand, I think people deserve time off. We didn't take vacations for about 10 yrs after we got married and once we started, we realized we like traveling. But I don't think that just because we like it, we shouldn't have a farm. If we milked cows, then yeah-that's pretty much a vacation-killer. But not just general livestock. We have a while to worry about it-we probably won't go on vacation again until next August.

    Up until this year we've done a vacation every year (sometimes only 2 or 3 days). We may just start with every other year since the price of fuel is so high anymore.
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    My time off IS taking care of my chickens AND enjoying it! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Sorry, But I would be more than capable of taking care of all of that...without any qualms with being afraid. If you wanted to go on a trip bad enough you would teach and take the time to properly train someone how to care for your animals in the same manner that you do. I am a stickler for how my animals are cared for and would treat someone else's animals in the same manner-mean/scarey or not...You have nothing more on your farm than I do not have at my house-except the shamos-and I 've seen them and been around them..intimidating?? yup..not enough for me not to care for them...
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    We paid a friend $500 for the 10 days we were on our honeymoon for her and he boyfriend to stay at our house and care for our animals. Best money we could had ever spent to not have to worry at all.
    When I used to petsit, I would charge up to $100 a day if you required me to stay at your house to feed your 13 cats yogurt and cantaloupe after examining their stool quality 5 times a day [​IMG] The more ridiculous the requests (and those clients knew who they were) there more I charged. Anyone who could admit to me that they were nutty about their pets but would compensate appropriately, had my respect. I always gave 100% when I did their crazy bidding and there was never any issue paying up.
    There is a large desire for quality petsitting. You do however, have to admit that you cannot give 100% to your clients' animals when you have a houseful of your own. Petsitting is for the enthusiastic, and for those who have plenty of time to dote on the loved ones of others.
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    We pay $21/day for someone we know and trust to stay at our home while we are gone. We have two dogs and now 5 chickens. They all need lots of love and attention and I feel very lucky to be able to find and keep a good house/pet sitter.
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    There are websites offering farm and house sitting services by people and they all seem to imply that the people do this sitting for the mere privilege of getting to live in the homes rent free while the owners are away. Now, I don't know if I'd hire someone who just wants free rent and wouldn't have a job in the area unless they were independently financed by retirement, etc. Imagine giving your house, property and animals over to someone who can't hold down a job or pay for their rent?

    Me? I'd think it would be worth the money to hire a professional. Someone bonded and with great references...and then PAY them, according to a binding contract. That way, if they screw it up, you have a legal monetary recourse.

    As for complicated animals, greenhouses, feeding schedules or needs? If you can do it, someone else can. The thought that one person is the only person who can accomplish it is just silly....and self-imposed martyrdom. My sister is of this ilk and she hasn't left her farm for more than a day or two for many years. How sad that life is kept on hold for a plot of land and some animals.
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    We will be leaving for 4 days, and have arranged my FIL and a couple of our closest friends to overlap duties (none of which have more than a cat and dog of their own). Their kids love to come here and help out when they can, so they are basically trained already. The only "payment" we've set up is that they get to keep whatever eggs they find...our chickens lay a dozen eggs a day and our ducks lay 6-10 eggs a day. We will treat them to a gift card to their favorite restaurants as a surprise bonus, but they absolutely expect nothing. Because we all help each other out in various ways. I wouldn't justify hiring a stranger to come in and out of my home, due to the fact that I don't trust people...and I am SUPER FRUGAL! We have 3 dogs, 2 parakeets, 1 cat, 1 pot belly pig, 2 alpacas, 60 + chickens, 2 geese and 15's enough to keep anyone busy, but by overlapping responsibilities to each family/person it isn't overwhelming to just one person to take on all of the care duties. It pays to have great friends.

    Also, if you have chicken friends and/or farm friends in your area, you could swap caretaking services with each other!

    I would add that if your pets/livestock are unruly or a danger to the care taker, I wouldn't have someone watch them either! That would be irresponsible of the owner. [​IMG]
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    Would you hire me Beekissed? [​IMG]
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    May 1, 2011
    I pay ours $20/visit. Usually 2 - 3 visits per day. But that includes taking care of everything, not just the chickens...
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    In our area, the going rate for an overnight housesitting/petsitting service is $50 per night. My sitter has been coming to my house for 8 years now. She has stayed with me through the additions of a puppy (now a 100lb black lab), 2 guinea pigs, and 13 chickens. When she started we only had one 10 lb dog and she was single, but now she's married with 2 little kids. They love to come here and "help", not to mention it is nice to know her hubby is here too! I think he gets to do all dirty work though...LOL. The extra money has been great for them, and soon they will get eggs to go along with the cash. That being said, I am a total control freak. She knows what I expect and every time she comes (which is 6 or 7 times a year) I leave her a huge list of things to remember even though she doesn't need it. The note just makes me feel better. I love my animals like they are my kids, but I can not live my life happily chained to my house because I have them. Heck, hubby and I go away once a year without our human babies!

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