How obvious is "drawdown"? (day 18)


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Hi all,

We've made it to day 18. Still seeing some movement in some eggs, a couple others are too hard to see in.

I've gone to a dry incubator for the last couple of days and some of the eggs have had decent improvement in air cell size--others not so much.

How can I tell if its just expansion of the air cell or true "drawdown"? I want to be sure to up the humidity as soon as drawdown occurs since its so dry right now. I think I recall from last year (my unsuccessful hatch) that the membrane actually became an odd shape as it leaned against the chick. Is that what drawdown will look like? Or does it just look like the cell does now, just bigger?

How much of the egg should be air cell after drawdown? And does the internal pip occur at exactly the same time?


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