How often do you kick your chickens?


11 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Springfield, OR
Every day I go out the back door and have to RACE the chickens to the coop. If I'm not careful and walk too slowly at least one or two gets in front of me and under my feet. If I can't beat them there I have to walk in s l o w M o t i o n and watch so carefully where my feet are going. I have kicked or stepped on so many of my poor ladies! The silkie babies are the worst. They'll jump on my foot, midstep!

DH says its a funny thing to watch me speed walking across the yard with a dozen hens fanned out behind me, like they're all chasing me.

Once I've been outside for a while they usually don't mob me and I can go about my business.

I appreciate that they all want to come up and see me, but yeesh! Have some sense not to get stomped on!

(I realize that for the most part, they only love me for my treats, but as long as I'm loved, I'm good.)

Am I extra klutzy, or do others have this problem?

Buff Hooligans

12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
Yeah, who knew that when we got cute little yellow chickies in the mail, one day they'd be part of The Mob!

Mom 2em All

14 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Dora, Alabama
With mine, its a race to see if I can get in their gate and close it before they can get out. They want OUT and into my yard. I want IN to feed them, gather eggs etc.
Once I am in, they follow me around and get under foot constantly...I know they are just hoping to trip me so I spill all the treats, ( it sure does make me walk funny), but I like to think they are happy to see me.


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
My problem is trying to open the doors to the runs, the minute I am at the door they all crowd around, then I have to get them out of my way so I can, check feed, water and for eggs, they all crowd around lookking for treats. These guys are way more spoiled than my dogs. At least my dogs know sit and stay.......


14 Years
Mar 18, 2008
Vancouver WA
I have the same problem here.
Our backdoor opens to the patio, and the patio almost touches the run gate, the chickens free range all day but as soon as I open that back door they come running, some flying at me yelling the whole time. I am careful not to kick them but some of them just stand in the way... and there are two that fly up to my shoulder every chance they get.
I think to them I am known as "the treat lady" and I am the only one that gets this reaction. They dont even notice DH or DS ever. I also have to be careful coming back into the house. I have to always look and make sure someone hasnt followed me into the house and doesnt get shut in the door. I cant leave the door open cuz my inside cat will dash out, but I have stood there with the door open a few times and had to tell 5 girls to go outside!!


12 Years
Sep 29, 2007
I keep a bag of breadcrumbs in my pocket and fling a few out when I open the door to distract them for long enough to get in and out.


Hatching Queen - Got Fudge?
11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
North Central Missouri boonies
I was going to suggest the same thing, some sort of treat to distract them long enough to move across the yard. Might need a couple of things of treats to stall if you have a long way to go. I also have a little buff cochin that loves to fly up to my hand and perch to see what I have, or the head or the shoulder or my butt if I bend over, Gotta really be careful.

Run-A-Muck Ranch

11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
In the middle of nowhere!!!
I haven't yet kicked mine, but I have stumbled OVER them. They mob me and if I'm not careful they will gang up and trip me just for the treats.
Or even worse is when I am trying to drive into our out of the drive way.
I back the car up in super slow motion, for fear of running one over. Pulling into the drive way I also come in very slowly so they have time to move.
More times than no I have had to get out of the car, move a chicken, race back into the car just to have the chicken beat me and be right back under the car again.
Heck it's not even just the chickens. The ducks, geese, guineas, turkeys and chickens ALL do this...
The horn doesn't even scare them anymore. That only worked for about the first 1 or 2 times. Then they started ignoring it....

Our birds are free ranged with plenty of other food out there for them, so I know they are't starved for food, maybe it's just they are starved for attention...
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11 Years
May 22, 2008
Upstate NY
Mine do follow me sometimes. They have sooo much food free ranging here, that they aren't as eager as others seem to be. However, when I open their door in the morning to let them come out, 16 sumatras FLY out the door, landing on me and the horses and then the rest hop out. When they do mob me, on occasion, I squat down and talk to them. I'm grateful for their attention. But like doesn't last long.


11 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Springfield, OR
LOL! I'm loving all these responses. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Thanks for the suggestion of creating a diversion. Not sure why I haven't thougt of that for the 'run to the coop' scenario. That's what I do when they're in the run and I need to get the door open. I just toss scratch in over the top of the run.

I just need to keep a little bucket of BOS in the sunroom so I can throw on my way out the door.

My ladies ignore the kids, but when DH goes outside they all gather around to talk to him, and he CAN make them sit! It's the funniest thing. He raises his hand up and they do their squat thing in front of him. He 'roosters them all up', as he calls it, taking turns, and they puff and shake and admire him. Seriously, sometimes I half expect to see one of them rub up on him like a cat. lol

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