How Often Do Your Bantams Go Broody?


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Jul 13, 2016
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A little while ago I bought 2 lovely pekin/cochin bantam pullets and a cockerel. I love them so much :love
I purchased them because I heard they make great mothers and that's what Im looking for, and they haven't started laying yet.
I was wondering how many times a year you pekins go broody?

Fernardo having a dustbath with his chicks :p

Monica (front) and Celeste (back)
I am not sure on how many pekins go broody but I have two (not sure what breed they are they were given to us) that have been broody twice since spring so far. They are just over a year old.
If they are to young to lay it may be next year before they go broody (if they go broody). :)
Thank you : )
That's what I was thinking, probably next spring:frow
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