How often is a hen receptive to the rooster each month?


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Jun 29, 2011
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All of our chickens are pullets (7-10 months old). We have 6 hens and 1 rooster. As the hens get to laying age, I see them squatting. I read this means they are receptive to the rooster. Once a hen starts laying, is she receptive all month long or just certain times of the month? It seems that mine will do their squatting for a couple of weeks but then stop... I also noticed that one of mine stopped laying and also stopped squatting.
Receptive daily and often multiple times within a day. My hens belonging to harems typically are covered immediately after producing each egg. Hens will also submit to more than one rooster during day, especially if males are mature cocks. If a rooster is particularly randy, then hen may be covered by him multiple times during course of day.
My roo is a equal opportunity lover. He will grab what ever hen is close by, and give her love, whether she wants it or no. I have 14 hens & 1 roo, and some of my BO's will squat, my BR, EE & Light Brahma's run for the hills when Owl comes a callin.
And then the chase is on. Especially when my hubby tells Owl "Go Get Some!"
Yah, there is no "season" in which to plan controlled insemination, like studding out mammals. Once a pullet matures enough to lay, whether she presents herself in a receptive squat or not, her eggs can be fertilized by any mature rooster's efforts.
Yep, we have a rooster who is very protective and assertive to his 10 girls. He will mate several times a day sometimes 2 or 3 times with the same hen/pullet.

Sheesh.....this guy.

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