how often should i feed?


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i have a new chick thats had a rough start its going on 3 to 4 days old now and i have been feeding it with a syringe its water and vitamins and have been trying to teach it to peck at its food to eat. i have yet to see it eat on its own it has drank on its own but it seemed to be more of an accident where it kinda dropped its face and its break landed in the water so it took a drink. it was falling asleep at the time and moved once it took its drink. its balance isnt the best yet but is improving (it had pinched feet and was weak and its feet are small for its size so it had shoes and hobbles on and had spent some time in a coffee cup.)

so my question is how many times do i need to take it out of the brooder and feed it? thanks all
As often as you can....every hour or so, small amounts until it starts up.

Put glucose or sugar in the water and the chick will have the energy to start to try. I have had to do this for 2-3 days with a couple of chicks who have gone on to make fine healthy adults.

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Not all chicks are meant to live. Have you considered putting it out of -- rather than extending -- it's misery?
i have thought that but its feet are straight now it can and does walk around not snuggles with its hatch mates and doesnt seem to be suffering it just doesnt seem to know how to eat yet.

here is a pic its the one on the left with the small feet
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If it's not eating and getting around well, it's suffering. Take an honest look at the chick, you can tell from the picture it is not in a comfortable place.

Even if you can't see that, even if it was the happiest chick in the world, you're trying to add to the adult gene pool a genetic defect that directly affects the fowl's ability to survive. The chick would be dead already if you hadn't been extending it's life over the past few days. It's genetics are not meant to be passed on, they're not meant to be continued.
well since i dont breed my chickens i dont think ill be adding to the chicken genetic gene pool.
Try a mixture of polyvisol baby vitamins, and vitamin E caps. Prick the vitamin E caps and squeeze out the liquid and mix it with a couple of drops of the polyvisol baby vitamins. Get an eye dropper and be very careful when trying to feed this. Put it on the side of the chicks beak and make sure the chick gets it in it's mouth. You may have to encourage it with a sound and gently open it's beak with your thumbnail. Hope this helps. Carol
i am using crumbles and for this one i am wetting it down vitamins and sugar water so its moist but not soggy.
My latest batch of chicks included one so tiny that I was afraid the crumbles would be too big. I ran them through my coffee grinder (or blender would work) to grind it up smaller. Worked fine, by four days old I transitioned back to "full size" crumbles. Good luck with the baby, but I do agree that he may not be meant to survive...please don't be too disappointed if he doesn't make it, try not to be so determined to save him that you force him to live...I don't mean to be accusing, it's just that I myself have to be careful in such situations to put the animal's quality of life first. My instinct is to save it at all costs, but sometimes the cost is high, and it's the animal who pays it. Hope he perks up soon!

How about mashed up scrambled egg or mashed yolk from hard boiled egg?

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