how often should new bottle kids poop?


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HI, I was just given an 8 day old fainting goat buckling..he got his colostrum but his mama wouldnt let him nurse....lady didnt have time for him so....he's nursing on the bottle great...manna kid replacer alternating with whole cows milk 4 5 times a day and 5 oz per bottle.....and peeing a ton..has lots of energy..takes his naps....but since yesterday, I've only seen two yellow poops...little berries all stuck together. Both of those were yesterday. Surely he should pooping more than this. I have taken him outside when I'm feeding chickens, cows and dogs. So theres a chance he let it go out there and I missed it. This is my first little goat and I've read tons, but nothing about how much they should be pooping. The goat forums I;ve found just are not like BYC
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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He's fine, he's peeing and he's had some poops. Baby animals not getting any other food besides milk tend to have loose yellowish stools, that are infrequent. If he were nursing on his mom he'd probably only poop once a day, or every couple days even.

As long as he's eating and peeing like a champ he's good. If he starts straining and looking at his bum then you might consider if he's stopped up- but with the whole cows milk, and replacer he sounds good to me!

Cute as heck, btw!
i just had a thread about this!
i was freaking out...anyways she ended up being fine and finally did poop...she still has gone only twice..but, i know that as long as she is producing something her belly isnt blocked up... i think he will be fine!
You need to either feed milk or replacer...I personally dont like replacer and only feed milk ...either goat or cow. whole milk also. Mine usually go each time they nurse their bottle but they seem to pee more offten that poop. With his age he needs at least 6 to 8 oz feedings as he is growing and need more to eat. You will see a big difference also. I wouldnt give any more replacer if you can as this can sometimes cause the trots and thats not good.
Yep the poo should be yellow and kinda sticky, as they get older it tends to have little pellets in it but still yellow or golden in color. When they start eating feed and hay it will change colors again.

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