how old do my chickens need to be to have layer pellets

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Mar 31, 2012
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do you think theyll eat it there olny 11 weeks old

they will eat it at 11 weeks but its not teh ideal mix for growing hens

grower pellets is specially formulated for growing chicken where as layers pellets is specially formulated for laying hens

i would use the correct feed for there own well being and health

my shed has about 4 different feeds so i can make sure i give correct feed to correct age chicken

its is al for there own good

Fred's Hens

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You can "sneak" a day or two or three with layer feed, but you have a loooong way to go before eggs appear. For their optimal health, layer feed is to be avoided. Wait until the egg actually show up. Sometimes that is at 17 weeks, but with many breeds, it doesn't happen until 25 weeks. There is absolutely no rush and no benefit achieved with the layer formula.

Lizard Feet

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Jun 4, 2012
I'm a complete neewbie, but as I understand, the layer feed has too much calcium and not enough protein. The protein can always be supplemented but too much calcium will build up and cause problems ( an adult hen would be using it up in shell production ).......I bought a bag a bit early myself...worse yet , Ive gone organic so it was a complete waste. Live and learn...and read BYC!

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