How old do my chicks have to be to tell them apart?


9 Years
May 14, 2010
Malvern, AR
I have 11 Sumatra chicks and they are three weeks old today. They all look the same and I was wondering when I will be able to start figureing out which are roosters and which are hens.
I do not have Sumatras so cannot give you a time frame, but start watching their combs and wattles. Combs will start to grow, thicken and start turning pick to red. Same with wattles - they start growing generally faster on cockerels than pullets and also get pink/red. Everyonce in a while I will have a pullet grow wattles early, but they do not turn pink/red until she is closer to POL. These changes should start happening soon, just get good looks at them - or picures so you can come growth.
Thanks horsefetherz, I will keep an eye on the growth of the comb but I think the combs and wattles are supposed to be a purple color instead of pink or red. I don't know if they grow in this color or if they turn this color later on. Does anyone who owns Sumatras or have owned them in the past know how to tell if they are roosters or about their comb color?

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