How old till free range?


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I just bought 8 Bovans on Sunday and they seem very happy in their new coop and are very friendly and eating and drinking well. But they will not go outside yet. How long does it take them. One did at first but not since. Thanks , Robin
Great question.... we have 2 month old chicks that have been in their chicken run during the days we are home, but we would like to let them have free range soon!
Try throwing a treat out for them. It always worked for me. Staying out with them may help them feel safe enough to explore
My three month olds will go out into the run and into the large coop that is attached but still won't free range with the older flock. It was really hot yesterday and all the large chickens headed for the wood which are only 15 yards behind the coop. I took the little ones out but they wouldn't stay. They went right back to the coop and sat there in the heat panting. My current older flock started when they were about three months.
they need some time to know that the coop is their safe resting place. I would keep them in the coop for a while anyway, so they get attached to it.

I think they will go out when ready. But since they dont have a hen momma, you are responsible for keeping them safe. If you are talking free-range, I wouldnt let them do that until they are fully grown, maybe 5 months.
Mine have been out of the coop and run since they hit the 3 week mark. Im out there 99% of the time. Current flock is 72 birds, oldest are 2 roosters around 17 weeks, youngest are 3 weeks old. Most are around 5 weeks old now. I took 16 turkeys for a bug hunt tonight that lasted for 2 hours LOL! My gardens are bug free until tomorrow!
my chicks have been free range since day one i have a brooder they can enter and exit and they are happy as clams and are not scared at all
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