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    Jun 21, 2011
    My babies are about 10-12 weeks old, i'm guessing. Last night they slept on top of their laying boxes. They usually sleep in front of them on the perch. I think they are getting too big to fit on the perch anymore. My question is, will they figure out that the boxes are for laying? What age do I start feeding them the laying feed? When do they start laying eggs? Thanks!
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    then you need a better roost, if that is what you are meaning. they are a couple of months away from laying. You might think about closing off the boxes for a while. usually you start feeding laying feed when they lay their first egg or close to it [​IMG]
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    Do make sure that their roost is higher than the nest boxes.
    Most chickens begin laying eggs around 20-24 weeks of age, plus or minus as week or two.
    Some say don't start feeding layer feed until they've begun laying, but I generally start feeding it around 18 weeks. It's a bit flexible.
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    Let's see if I can help you a little! The roost for your chickens should ideally be a 2x4 laid flat, chickens do not wrap their feet around a roost like most birds do so you should have something their entire foot can sit on comfortably, especially for cold climates this helps keep their feet warm. They will not lay eggs until they are 5-6 months old, so you may want to keep the nest boxes closed for the next month or two so they don't take to sleeping in them (it doesnt sound like you have that problem though), also if I'm reading you right you have the roost attached in front of the nest box? If this is so it should be moved so it is not close the nest box, you don't want poop in them. [​IMG]. As far as food, I start giving mine layer pellets at 5 months, I figure if they aren't laying yet, they will be soon! To help them figure out what the nest boxes are for a lot of people use "fake" eggs, like golf balls, wooden eggs or plastic etc. For the most part, this does the trick, as long as your nest boxes are dark and quiet, they like privacy [​IMG] also, nest boxes should be lower than the lowest roost. Hope this helps, good luck! [​IMG]

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