How soon to combine chicks


6 Years
Dec 8, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ
Well, Chicken math has begun. I received 6 Easter Eggers from MPC and well, I passed the local farm store and guess what they had Buff Orpingtons. So I go home with a couple of Buff-O's. I have them in a separate brooder, but would like to combine them with the Eggers. If they behave OK for a couple days in their separate brooder, can I combine them with the Eggers? They were in a tub with dozens of other chicks at the farm store.
I would have them in separate brooders for a few days, but they should be fine together afterwards.
Well, there are other breeds potentially coming so this will be interesting. I am thinking of some americaunas and some olive Eggers to round out the flock so I guess a few days of isolation and then into club hen they go !!
Well, I combined them. Actually, I made a screened divider so they could see each other for a day, but as soon as I left the Barred Rocks tunneled under it and combined themselves with the others. I figured what the heck and took out the divider. Everyone is getting along fine.
I'd only put the divider in if I noticed some bullying. And that usually stops quickly. I make a divider with a small door so the smaller chicks can run and hide if they get bullied. Seems to smooth out any issues so far.

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