How soon to switch to layer feed?


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My pullets are fully feathered out now and look like miniture adult birds. I have five adult laying hens that I'd like to move my cockrols and pullets in with but I know that there would be no keeping them from eachother's feed. So how soon is soon enough to move them down with the adults?
layer is for when they start laying... how close are they to laying age?? If it's soon they'll be ok.
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Its best to wait till they are about 17 to 20 weeks old,,,anywhere in that area is ok. Some people dont switch them to layer pellets till they start laying eggs. So you will probly get different opinions on this.
Hmmm. They're only 6 weeks old so...probably got a while then! It was my understanding that the only difference between layer feed and baby mash was more protien and/or more calcium?
so, if you have the young chickens (my pullets range from 6 weeks old to 12 weeks old) in with laying chickens ( i have two laying hens), how do you keep them from eating each other's food? If you had to pick one food to feed all of them what's the best bet?

Does it make any difference if the chickens are free ranging every day?

Is there any problem with a rooster eating laying feed?
Once you notice your first egg switch feed, that formula has allways worked for me.

The younger birds aren't ready for the calcium in the layer feed. My bet would be on everyone eating the grower and trying to supplement your layer with anothe source of calcium just for them.
I believe that you can feed them all flock raiser, and supplement with oyster shell and that only the layers that need the extra calcium will eat the shell.

If I am mistaken, someone please correct me!!

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