How to attract crows to stay?


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Jan 22, 2010
Dunnellon, Fl
I have a flock that comes and goes from our area, when they are here we have no hawk issues at all but the day they leave we usually get a couple that start eying our coops. Is there a way to get them to stay in the area, instead of moving off and coming back after a couple weeks or months like they normally do?
We feed them, usually every morning. They are eating before we can get back in the house. I give them leftovers, bread, crackers, dog food, whatever I can find or have left over. They will eat just about anything.
I think food is the key to keeping them around, like Silverduck said. We live close to a communal roost, and every morning crows make a pit stop here because they know that's when the dishwater gets tossed out. They love to pick through it for yucky bits of food
. If we left more food out they would probably hang around all day.
I have a crow family that are a constant to our property. I used to love them because they don't like herons, so helped keep my koi safe. But in reading about crows, they kill chicks and eat eggs so I was trying to figure out how to keep them away. I even read about crows going into the pop door and getting eggs! What is worse crows or no crows? I know all of their calls and the brood raising calls. I will kind of miss them if they are bad. But they will murder alot of different preditors. Does this need to be a different thread?
so I take it that crows do not bother chickens and keep the hawks at bay?
I've wondered if the crows I see are eyeing my chickens, so no?
Also, how can you tell the difference between crows and ravens, as I'm not sure which we have flying around here?

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