How to be a good BYC citizen

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Feb 26, 2009
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How to be a good BYC citizen:

1. Stop in on the new member introduction page each day and say hi to a few new people. Everyone was new once, and do you remember how many times you checked that first post?!

2. Search for unanswered posts every once in awhile, and see if you can add your expertise to a question asked by someone. If you can't add expertise, see if you can give support.

3. Leave "hot" or topics that will likely turn ugly or get "locked" without your name/post. Just ignore them. You know when you see them, and you know when they'll likely get locked up.

4. Help a newbie do something that you already know: perhaps help them to post a picture, share info about Golden Feather, invite them to the chat room, tell them about auction threads, teach them to SEARCH the threads, etc., etc.

5. Encourage someone who is down either about their birds/animals or life in general. It's amazing how we can help someone else with just a little encouragement. Cheer when they get their new chickies even though you've seen that same post 100 times, and say "woot" when they manage to hatch for the first time.

6. Make a BYC page for yourself. Your pictures and ideas will likely help some lurker who is too shy to post or ask, but is reading, reading, reading for info.

7. Remember, chickens aren't always nice to each other but humans should be. Be kind to mean people because they often need it the most. There is no pecking order in homo-sapiens despite what some think.

8. (go on.... keep adding to the list.....)
Apr 8, 2009
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8. Keep an open mind. A simple difference of opinion doesn't need to turn into an I-WILL-get-the-last-word-battle. Also, running people with one opinion into the ground while responding to a poster who shares your opinion and then throwing catch-alls like "it's a free country" and everyone is entitled to their opinion" does NOT make it OK.

Rant over & out!

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9. Know the BYC Rules so that you don't run into any "surprises" after posting.

10. Send PMs to new or random members just to say "hi" or let them know how much you enjoyed one of their posts or pictures. Some people don't get very many PMs, so it's fun for them to see that they have "mail."

11. Take advice cheerfully and with an open mind. Someone's advice may not work for you, but it doesn't mean you have to use it or feel "forced" into doing something. A simple, "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind," is a great response to have in your back pocket.
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