How to be a good BYC citizen


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1. Stop in on the new member introduction page each day and say hi to a few new people. Everyone was new once, and do you remember how many times you checked that first post?!

2. Search for unanswered posts every once in awhile, and see if you can add your expertise to a question asked by someone. If you can't add expertise, see if you can give support.

3. Leave "hot" or topics that will likely turn ugly or get "locked" without your name/post. Just ignore them. You know when you see them, and you know when they'll likely get locked up.

4. Help a newbie do something that you already know: perhaps help them to post a picture, share info about Golden Feather, invite them to the chat room, tell them about auction threads, teach them to SEARCH the threads, etc., etc.

5. Encourage someone who is down either about their birds/animals or life in general. It's amazing how we can help someone else with just a little encouragement. Cheer when they get their new chickies even though you've seen that same post 100 times, and say "woot" when they manage to hatch for the first time.

6. Make a BYC page for yourself. Your pictures and ideas will likely help some lurker who is too shy to post or ask, but is reading, reading, reading for info.

7. Remember, chickens aren't always nice to each other but humans should be. Be kind to mean people because they often need it the most. There is no pecking order in homo-sapiens despite what some think.
8. Keep an open mind. A simple difference of opinion doesn't need to turn into an I-WILL-get-the-last-word-battle. Also, running people with one opinion into the ground while responding to a poster who shares your opinion and then throwing catch-alls like "it's a free country" and everyone is entitled to their opinion" does NOT make it OK.

Rant over & out!
8. Keep an open mind. A simple difference of opinion doesn't need to turn into an I-WILL-get-the-last-word-battle. Also, running people with one opinion into the ground while responding to a poster who shares your opinion and then throwing catch-alls like "it's a free country" and everyone is entitled to their opinion" does NOT make it OK.

Rant over & out!
9. Know the BYC Rules so that you don't run into any "surprises" after posting.

10. Send PMs to new or random members just to say "hi" or let them know how much you enjoyed one of their posts or pictures. Some people don't get very many PMs, so it's fun for them to see that they have "mail."

11. Take advice cheerfully and with an open mind. Someone's advice may not work for you, but it doesn't mean you have to use it or feel "forced" into doing something. A simple, "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind," is a great response to have in your back pocket.
12. Tell all your chicken friends about BYC so they can join in on the fun.
13. Try your best to stroke feathers the right way.
14. Buy BYC bumper stickers, shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies.... Oh and BUY A GOLDEN FEATHER MEMBERSHIP
15. Remember Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and respect that fact even if you don't agree.
16. If something irritates you and you cannot respond gently and nicely, back away from the thread.
17. Remember that people on the internet can't hear your tone of voice, making some statements sound harsh or mean when they are not.
18. Don't bump up ancient or out dated posts!!!
19. Kids will be kids, embrace their enthusiasm!
20. Try to keep your sense of humor.
21. Sometimes the kids do actually know something...
22. Realize that it's only in death that we reach the point of knowing all we can..

Ya' never know where knowledge may come from next
23. Keep in mind that many, many people are here to learn something. If you have a good way of doing something, share it!
AND if you see a post that suggests something questionable, say so. Other people who are reading the suggestions need to see all the pros and cons so they can make good decisions.
24. Encourage, encourage, encourage!
25. When it is clear someone is looking for a fight, feel free to hit the report button and then back out of the thread. It is not fun, nor is it worth it to argue online.
26. NEVER, ever question a moderator's actions publicly.

Wait, that's already a rule.
27.) Don't condescend people just because they may be new or younger.

28.) Please give correct information about a topic. If there is more than 1 way to do something, such as treat or find out a disease, then please say so.
29) Silkies are good. Silkies are not evil little devils. And yes they are trying to assimilate us into their collective; resistance is futile
30) Dont send spam mail- whether it is e-mail or PM, it is still annoying.
31)Try to remember that not everyone has the same skills in spelling and grammar. We need to be nice to everyone and if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all!
32) Always treat other BYC members with respect
33) If someone is obviously being mean and nasty, don't write back. Click the report button.
34.) Smilies can be used to express unexplainable emotions such as "celebrate"
, "amazed"
, or "happy"
, but please avoide intimidating smilies such as
whenever possible. Please nice and enjoy endless fun here @ BYC.

- Tommy
35) Don't post something totally random unless it is in a dedicated "random" thread.
36. tell them what to do if they don't know what to do!
37. don't upset the new people...
38. Get the Field Guide to Chickens! It's worth every penny!
39. ALWAYS be nice. Getting banned isn't worth having the last word.
40. Be active to report about spammers.
41. Keep in mind that if someone has the title "New Egg", "Just Hatched", or anything below your BYC title it doesn't mean that you know more, or they know less. Don't push them down or act like they only knew so much. Don't push them to the bottom of the food chain
42. Warn everyone BYC is so addictive.
43. Don't push users into telling their age, location, or other personal information. Keep in mind that some users are minors, some don't feel comfortable telling you, and sometimes it can really make people question you. Also, don't tell your age or personal information: some minors may feel presured to join in and share their's too. Keep it safe.
#44 Don't hijack a thread. If you don't have something helpful to the thread, don't post. If you have something else to say or want to debate something similar but still off topic, open a new thread. People ask questions to get answers not to watch people bicker about what is right, wrong, or something else entirely.
45. Remember that everyone is loved by someone, respected by someone and is an expert on something. If that's what you look for, that's what you'll see.
Your kind words and encouragement might be just the thing that transforms someone's life. You never can tell. I came into the forum to complain about a bullying rooster, the welcome I was given as a new member was charming and sometimes provided my best experiences of a particular day.
46. be nice to one another
47. If you think your post could possibly upset someone use smilies to indicate you are being facetious -As it has been said before - people can't see your expression or hear your voice inflections that indicate sarcasm or just playful teasing. Wish we had a ton of new smilies. I think they lighten any mood.
48. And never, ever be ashamed to say, "I'm sorry." I figure if we learn to talk by the age of two, then somewhere along the line somewhere we've all offended someone at some time, usually quite unintentionally.
49. I like to warn new members of the dangers of chicken addiction!!!!! LOL
How easily that flock of 5 becomes 50!!!!
50. Don't let your feathers get ruffled.
51. Post cute photos!
52. Just because it's obvious to you doesn't mean it is to the next person. Just be nice. Thank you!
53. I know someone already said this but sending a newbie a pm is very helpful. When I was new someone sent me a pm and I was like

Just saying, its helpful and makes you feel wonderful!!
54. Remember the golden rule
55. Visit the Members Page daily and check to see if anyone has a birthday. If you see people with birthdays, go to their profile page and wish them a Happy Birthday!
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56. Use the reactions in a way that won't hurt someone's feelings.
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