How to be less afraid of the dark?


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May 21, 2020
Our chickens are my responsibility, and by the time I get home from school and dance it is dark outside. It is my job to go out and close the pop door between coop and run and do a headcount at night, which I don't mind, but I get easily freaked out and my parents are getting tired of standing on the porch while I do this. I do use a flashlight. Anyone have tips to be less easily creeped out and startled while I go out at night?
Can you put a light in your coop so that it can be turned on with a timer a couple of hours before sunset?

Chickens will be drawn to the light inside the coop and go in. Even with my coop pop door open, if I am in the coop after sunset and have the light on, the young birds will go up to the pop door, look out and turn around and leave the door to find a place on the roost bar. A light might keep them inside when it is dark out.
Up to maybe this year, I was too scared to go out at dark too. So I'd take one of my siblings. Pray is my suggestion. :) I have a problem with fear myself, so I've been praying that God takes my fear away. Then I'll think of the verse Psalm 23:4: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Then after that, I'm not as scared anymore. I've done that so many times that now I don't seem to be scared anymore! I hope that this helps you. I know what it's like. :hugs
Being afraid of the dark is a rational fear, so it is completely natural. Most of it just takes time and will power. You may find it helpful to have something with you, that will make you feel safer. So that could be a dog, a baseball bat, whatever makes you feel better. You could also see if your parents are willing to put some more light out there. Solar lights are fairly easy to add and not expensive.
Things that worked for me are:
- Humming
- Singing
- Talking about all my future dreams (I try explain this to myself by saying I'm letting my animals know what is going to happen in their lives)
- Starting a weird conversation with the pets
- Burping (yes I'm serious)

Now, I find that I like the dark. It's more peaceful, calm, quiet and smells better too :)
First let me say that your fear should be treated with compassion and understanding. My daughter is 21 years old and still can't/won't walk the dog around the house at night. She has the feeling that someone is there, lurking in the shadows. Maybe she has watched too many horror movies or maybe it is an anxiety thing, but her fear is very real and I respect her limits with regard to the dark.

If your parents are tired of standing on the porch, then maybe they could be convinced to invest in a motion sensing flood light. This is not a big investment-- Home Depot sells a decent one for under $50:

Not only would a floodlight help you feel safer in the dark, but it will also deter predators from entering the coop, and add additional security to the house. A win-win solution for all (including the chickens)!

Good luck! I hope your parents will listen and take your concerns seriously.

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