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I have an appointment with a vet tomorrow to inspect each breed in my flock for mite and lice. They are all housed together so it seems if one had them, then they all would. I plan to enter my flock in the Dixie Classic fair in Winston Salem NC in September. I am new at this so I have been corresponding with the fair and have a list of requirements.

My questions being. Is there any way I way I can inspect them myself? If they have mites and lice are there are signs or symptoms I can note of?
Also, if they are currently mite free, how likely is it for them to contract them before September or and topical medicines I can apply to avoid this? I have head of DE. I consistently clean their coop and run and deworm them.

My flock consist of 1 Japanese Black tailed Buff Bantam approx. 6 months. 5 Silver Laced Wyandottes approx. 3 months old and 2 Standard Golden Laced Cochins approx. 2 1/2 months old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Farmer Faith
You need to look at 3 spots, # 1 the vent, # 2 the back and the breast. if you see anything moving you have them. you also need to check the legs for leg mites, you will know if you have them by the way the legs look. If they are smooth, you do not have them! if they are not smooth like they are flakeing off you have leg mites! If you do have leg mites the best way to treat them is to use Petroleum jelly, aka vaseline. YOU NEED TO DO THIS AT LEAST 2 maybe 3 times 1 time a week and you will be all set!! you can use POULTRY PROTECTOR FROM "CARE FREE ENZYMES" It is for mites, lice and fleas. and it's all natural and you can use it all the time on the birds and the living quarters!!
I would like to add one more ... some mites only come out at night, so check them on the roost at night.
Thank you SOOOO much fellow chicken lovers!! I went outside an and checked all the areas mentioned (found an article) and everything seemed to be clean. The vents looked great! as well as the breasts and legs. I gave them all a cloth bath so I could better see and cleaned their feet really well. I feel confident that all my chickens are in good health and you guys just reassured me. I am still going to take them to the vet today since I am not an expert and I want to pass this information along to my sister who has a flock of 50.

I do have one more question, should I trim their nails? and how would I go about doing this? I hatched all but 1 of my chickens and most are very docile but I did receive a scratch a couple weeks ago.

Thanks again, you guys are great!
I don't know if you can trim the nails becuse you are going to show them, but if you want to, you need dog nail cuters and if you can see the bled line go a little lower than the line you see. If you can't, then just do the tip of the nail, < this is the best way to do it!! good luck!!

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