How to clean up silkies feet?


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Jun 15, 2012
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Okay so I live in northwest washington all we get is rain practically all fall + winter. I was wondering what to do to my
silkies feet there wet and saturated and feathers are getting ruined and if I'm going to show here at local competitions and for her
health what would help? What should I do?
ahhhhh, so u want to keep them clean......a while back it rained for a week straight wherei am and my chickens' feet were caked with mud. after the weather dried up a bit the mud came off and their feet looked normal again. I am not sure what u can do to keep them clean, it just seems like one of those things.
You need a covered run. I'm in the Pac NW too, and used to have silkies. They will stand in the rain and get soaked. You can put some sand in there if needed (some like sand and some don't so you might want to test a small area first to keep it from being so muddy).
this is one GREAT thread if you haven't seen it already
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I might think of having a covered run but I free range my chickens so that won't really work. Well, I guess my silkie kind of deserves dirty feet,
she does it to herself!
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