How to Clear a Huge Impacted!


11 Years
Jul 11, 2008
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I have a 1y/o Black Australorp hen who has about a baseball size crop impaction. It is fairly heavy and hard. She is eating and drinking fine. I noticed that she was lethargic a few weeks ago but didn't notice the crop enlargement then and she had snapped out of it a few days later. Never treated for this condition before. Not sure what to do..olive oil and massage??? It's large and fairly hard. TIA for help
How long has she had the large crop? My hens literally gorge themselves with food right before they roost for the night. Sometimes their crops will get to baseball's unnerving to see!
My favorite Dominique pullet (10 months old) has a large crop (large, but not hard) for the past few days.

Treatment so far: We gave her 3 mL's of canola oil yesterday and again today, along with fresh water and plan yogurt. It is still large, I am hoping that it is smaller tomorrow.

What else can we do? Pullet is acting normal otherwise.

--Hugh i just dealt with this. i would do the surgery again with no problem. i now know not to wait until chicken is very debilitated. i think it would have been easier on her if she had not been so weak to start with. you can do this. she really didn't seem like it hurt her, she didn't make any noise or wiggle or squirm. there was no blood, not even a drop. i learned a lot with coach. see my post "just did surgery on impacted crop" bonnie
Thanks Bonniebe! I just went and did the massage and oil to the crop thing and I did notice today she was more inflated like sour crop than last night. She had stinky sour breathe as I massaged her a little while ago as I just said and the crop was spongier. I started her on rondizole for yeast and will see how she does today. Do you think I should try draining her crop later by hanging her upside down? Then if that doesnt work opt for the surgery? Thanks

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