how to control co2 in sand incubator[kerosine powered]

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  1. i am trying to , make a sand incubator . kerosine powerd , now i confused for the carbon . how can i vantilate for the carbon?
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    I'm not sure, never having made a sand incubator, but as you need air flow anyway, could you just install a fan to blow air out and turn up the heat?

    Sorry if this isn't helpful,and I know it's a little late.
    @Pyxis or @BantyChooks or @Sally Sunshine might know, though.

    Good luck and Welcome to BYC!
  3. it has a vent on top in the diagram plus you will be opening the door to turn the eggs right? that should let out enough co2. it's not like the incubator is sealed air tight.
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