How to determine Reputable Breeder?

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    Jan 1, 2014
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    I want to buy from a local breeder but I don't know the questions to ask to determine a reputable/quality breeder. (i.e. inspections, vaccinations, facility conditions). What should I ask (specifically) and what to look for when I visit a breeder.
  2. ozexpat

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    Research the breeder.
    Are they NPIP?
    Do they have a website?
    Ask locals who are on BYC
    Visit the breeder first before making a decision
    Examine the birds (never introduce just one into a flock) – do they show any signs of disease? They should not look sleepy, have crusty eyes, mites around the vent, sneezing, etc.
    Make sure the markings match the breed being sold - lots of project breeders just sell off culls
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    Nov 1, 2007
    Just an FYI, a good NPIP certified breeder will never let you "visit" them due to bio-security. You shouldn't be allowed into their breeding facility and the chicks should be held in a separate location. If they are NPIP certified, they have already gone through a visual inspection by a certified vet to verify best practices and cleanliness.

    Here in MN, it is illegal to sell eggs, chicks or chickens without a hatchery license (although many people do it).

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