how to fade new blue jeans

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    May 31, 2008
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    I just got a pair of great fitting, new jeans. Problem is, they are a very dark blue and I like the more faded, worn look. Does anyone know of a way to lightly fade these jeans? I dont want them to look 100 years old, just not so dark.

  2. after you wash them maybe hang them out on a close line to let the sun lighten them up a bit....Might take a few washes.....
    I wouldn't use bleach as if your like me you'll end up with great big yellowish-whiteish blotchs all over

    I have seen people take things (different sized) and up them under the jeans and iron know like to get the snuff ring in the back pocket...I am sure you need to iron them a few times to get that ring though....

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