How to fatten up a really skinny pullet

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    I took in a 6wk old hen pecked lil girl who is so skinny it's amazing she's still alive, we have 4wk olds that weight more. She loves to eat anything you put in front of her, we are trying mealworms from the hand to gain her trust but we end up having to toss them to her. She's doing so much better with electrolytes in the water, she's standing for longer periods of time and will run around now. Her feathers are in bad shape and the ones coming in were being pecked out by her former sisters. Is there anything we can feed her to help repair some of the damage of malnutrition and abuse? She is very sweet and is so attentive to the little 3wk barred that was with her who didn't suffer like her. We've had them both for 4 days now and I want to give her the best start before introducing them to my other 2 4wk olds. Vet said she's healthy just not taken care of.
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    That's so nice if you to take her in [​IMG]
    Mealworms are an awesome idea. I would also try scrambled eggs and some cooked meat or canned fish. Even a bit of plain yogurt if you can find the higher milk fat variety. My guess is that under your great care and in a less stressful home she won't take long to flourish. Mine always eat more of their starter/grower if I moisten it into a mush as well. Best of luck. I always root for the under dog!
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