How to give a chicken worm med's...... funny story


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Sunday i decided it was time to worm my flock of 5. So i prepared 5 syringes with the proper amount of wormer. I had my babies got into the coop and with wormer in had and flock in the coop I went for my first chicken. I started with my main Rooster, Meaner, figuring he would be the worst. WRONG!
After a few minute fight with him i finally got his beak open long enough to get the syringe in his mouth and squirt the wormer in. Success!
One down 4 to go. Next I figured I would go for the next worse chicken, Beaky. He has a cross beak and knows how to use it well. After a small struggle with him, Bingo! got his beak open and shot the wormer in. Feeling a little cocky about my self, I thought, hell i got this! WRONG
Roosty is my main Hen, so i figured i would go ahead and get her done. Well she had seen what had happened to Meaner and Beaky and she was having no part of this "torture" at all. After a 5 minute chase, mind you in the coop, I finally cornered her and she peck me about 5 times before i got my hands on her. After about another 5 minute struggle of getting her to open her beak for the wormer, I managed to get it in her mouth. I was fixing to let her go and she decided she was NOT going to take the wormer. She shook her head and SPLAT, I felt something cold and slimy all over my face!. Knowing that I just wore all the wormer, I grabbed her before she could take off on me. So i grab another syringe with more wormer in it and try again. I finally get her beak open again and got it in her mouth. Low and behold she refuses to swallow the wormer and this time it lands on my shirt. Now i am down to my last syringe of wormer and I still have 2 more Hens to worm. I finally got it in her mouth and i wised up and make her hold her head up and rubbed her throat till it went down.
Now that I have to go out and reload 2 more syringes to do the other girls.
Not only did the other 2 Hens ha seen this they will not let me get near them. I finally got the other 2 hens wormed peacefully.

To add insult to injury. I figured that they needed to be sevin dusted. That was a good time also. I think i wore more sevin dust than the hens but I figured I had tortured them enough for the day.
The day in a life of a chicken momma!
i had the same issues last year. Doesnt the smell of wormer and Sevin in the morning just make you all fuzzy inside???? lol

I learned to hollow out a small grape and put the wormer inside it. Give the girls a good grape and make them want the second one. Hold a third one up as you are giving them the second grape (one with the wormer in it) the wont even know they ate it. They are to excited to get to the third grape that they chow the second one down. work great for me!

I have used soaked bread as well.
OMG, that is funny.

I had to give meds to my birds before too. Believe it or not but scrambled egg or hard boiled egg is quite absorbent and would mix in the right amount and then let the hen eat it off a spoon out of a tupperware. Worked great for the liquid meds.

But then I had to crush a pill and give it to a hen. She could taste it in the food and would take one bite and step back and just shake her head no. It was hysterical.

This is Coco my Jersey Giant would will let me pick her up but would REALLY prefer that I leave her on the ground. I just let her out of the run and let her eat her meds right off the spoon. Only took them a day to learn this drill that one by one they come out and go back. She'd follow me right back into the run provided I had a meal worm for her.

Deworming is messy! Even if you use scramble eggs.

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