how to grow fodder for chickens to eat


Free Ranging
6 Years
Mar 5, 2017
hi everyone, i have 13 chickens and they free range in the back yard but they have eaten all of the grass out there and i was wondering how to grow some fodder for thm to eat but i have never growen it and i was wondering if my rabbit could eat some of it has well. i have seen some videos on youtube of people doing it but im still not really sure how to start off. thanks
I don't think I would feed fodder to your rabbits. They are better off with hay. I personally give my chickens hay in winter for forage. I personally haven't tried growing or sprouting stuff.
I grow it in the winter I have grow lights now but I didn’t have them when I started I grew it in front of the windows in my house. The grow light just speeds things up a bit. I soak my grains (wheat, lentils, mung beans and black oil sunflower seeds) over night in a dish pan. I use 1 cup wheat, 1/2 cup each of lentils and mung beans and 2 cups black oil sunflower seeds. You can use what ever you want. I then drain and rinse it in the morning and put it in a 10” x 20” tray with drain holes and set in another tray that has something in it to hold the top tray up so it can continue to drain. I just put 5 canning rings in the bottom tray as that’s what I had. I then rinse the top tray twice a day in the sink with the sprayer that’s on the sink. I chop up what I want to feed on about the 7th day. Once the chickens get used to eating it they devour it.

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