How to introduce new Roo to existing flock of hens???

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    Advice needed please....

    I have 10 hens (7 months plus) that I have had with two guineas. One guinea was recently attacked and killed by a dog. I picked up two new guineas and the lady had a beautiful Roo (12mo.) that she claims is very gently and friendly. He is a big boy, though!

    Right now (day three) I have the roo and the guineas in a converted rabbit hutch establishing "home" for the guineas. All my birds free range and I lock them up at night. I plan on keeping the guineas in the "rabbit hutch" at night but I want the roo obviously to be with the hens in the chicken house.

    What is the best way to get him with the hens? Should I lock him in the chicken house with them for a few days so he knows that is his home? Or will he naturally flock with them and go into "their" home at night?

    I am a newbie and obviously still learning! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
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    He will probably just join them without much prompting. You can always shoo him in toward the evening if he doesn't go on his own.
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    I would put him in the chicken house at night. Put him on the roost with the girls and then you should not have too much of a problem from there. If he doesn't go in for the first couple of nights just keep putting him in there by hand until he gets it. [​IMG]

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