How to keep big hens and little hens feed separate


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How? I read to 'bar' the chick feed so only the chicks can get it and the big hens won't let the little ones eat from their feeders. So how do you 'bar' the chick feed? Down the road - like 2-3 months - I will be having hens too young to lay in with layers. So I'm trying to figure out how to keep the younger ones from eating the layer crumbles and vise versa.

Thanks for any help you can give me....
Some people buy a "flock raiser" food. It's good for all ages, and then they provide oyster shells for calcium on the side for the layers. I will be in he same situation in a month or so and this is what I plan to do. I have seen the food in TSC and that is what it's called, Flock Raiser.
I have sectioned of part of my coop with chicken wire and made a cut-out that only the chicks can get through for their feed. The big hens just love chick starter and would break into the chicks area no matter what I did. Finally I cut out an opening in cardboard only big enough for the chicks and I had to screw the chicken wire to the wall. When I stapled it the big girls would push their way through and eat all the food. They still wait for any crumbs that may get kicked through the chicken wire but at least the little ones have a safe place to hide when the hens are being crabby pecking them. Remember to put water where the chicks are to because I have a few smaller chicks that don't seem to come out. Good luck!
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I use Flock Raiser to start since I have chicks and ducklings. If I offer something like this or Multi-Flock with oyster shells on the side will the chicks leave the oyster shells alone?
I use flock raiser, then offer oyster shells freely. The chicks seem to leave them alone until they are old enough to need them. I have blended flocks of hens and chicks a number of times and have never had a problem doing it this way.
We made a chicken wire box with a hole big enough for chicks but too small for bigger chickens. We attached it to one nesting box and put small feeder and waterer inside. We had to make occasional adjustments,but otherwise it worked out well. Didn't have to use it very long. They all dine together now and do just fine!
gregnlinda and PoppiesChicks

Can you folks post some pictures??

Thanks for all your responses!
We took ours out already as our chicks are bigger now and interacting just fine with the flock. But it was basically a cube, with an open floor, set up against the front of the nesting box. We could just lift it up to clean and fill feeder and waterer. A small entrance, like a cartoon mousehole, was on one side. The chicks could run in and out into the big coop. We had to fix it once when too many big chickens sat on top it started to cave in. But it was an easy fix, thanks to the wire. Nothing fancy, but it served it's purpose!

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