How to keep predators out?


10 Years
May 20, 2012
I'm fixing up an old shed for a coop. If I put chicken wire over windows and vents will that be all I need to do inside to keep unwanted critters out? Also for the run, how far down in the ground do I need to bury the wire? Thanks for your help!
A minimum of 2ft is recommended for the apron ~ and you can lay it flat under mulch/rocks/etc. instead of going down. I have 2ft around our shed coop but ended up closing up the bottom of the run too. Alot of photos on my Hen House page, feel free to visit.

Good luck!
Thank you for all of the photos of your hen house! I'm using a 8x10 shed too...should arrive tomorrow & the work begins. I'm completely new to all of this, so can I ask some questions? What is DE? What is a pop door? I take it chickens shouldn't get wet? How many hens do you have? How much of your space was used for storage? Thank you so very much!

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