How to kill fleas without killing the Chickens


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Sep 11, 2010
Even after the several hard freezes we have had here in South TX I still have fleas in my yard. I have thought about trying to use some Food Grade DE to kill the fleas, but I can't find an easy way to spread it around my yard. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to kill the fleas without harming my dogs or chickens? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I give my dogs an oral flea medication which works FAR better than anything else I've used; its called Comfortis.

I had the same problem you did - I was using advantage, frontline AND a flea collar trying to get rid of my fleas, but no luck. After less than a week of Comfortis, they were all gone, never to return. I actually took my dogs off it for the winter, and they haven't been back yet, although I'm going to start it again soon because its spring and I don't want to push my luck.

Good luck!!
Several people find that if they sprinkle it (food grade DE) around as best they can, the hens seem to spread it around pretty evenly as they go about their foraging and daily activities. And if sprinkled where they like to dust bathe, they take care of dusting themselves with it as well.
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Yes my dogs are currently on Comfortis and it is the best! I recommend it to everyone. Now if I can just get them out of the yard I will be doing ok!
powdered agricultural lime (powdered limestone) in a broadcaster. then mist your yard with a water hose (mist or spray setting not solid stream. morning dew will also usually do the trick usually). it will chemical burn the little buggers to death, it will kill all the other bugs too. be a good idea to do it the day before it rains though. gets it watered in so the animals don't get too much on them and suffer skin burns, it won't kill them but might make them uncomfortable. i've been burned with it before from limeing a field and the dust settling on me throughout the day and sweating. probably be good for your grass though, especially if the ph is too acidic. it's non-toxic if ingested unless in large quantities, the little a dog or cat might lick off it's fur is minute. they would have to eat it by the mouthful to hurt and it taste horrid.
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A few suggestions with the DE is to put it in the food and water. It helps with so many things that we use it in both food and water. It keeps the waterer from getting that green algae growing in it. It keeps bugs out of the feed. It also helps with several things for the Chickens as well. I do sprinkle a little bit of DE in fresh nesting boxes but nothing more. I have to agree with the others for my dogs I use comfortis but do put DE in my carpet(borax will do the same in carpet) to keep all mites and fleas from being able to survive there too. Hope these ideas help you...good luck
It keeps the waterer from getting that green algae growing in it.

There's no logical or scientific reason it would do that.

DE is an inert substance that is chemically the same thing as sand​
We use Advantage on our cats, that makes them mobile flea-killers. I've not had a single flea jump on me since moving here.

I guess it makes sense that chickens could have fleas, but since I go into my chicken house daily if fleas ever set up shop I'll find out. I hope it doesn't mean I have to use Advantage on myself!
These are all great ideas DE is good stuff but don't expect it to cure all your problems, Comfortis is good stuff I sell it all day for a living, You have to treat everything consistantly to remedy the problem. This means treating pets, area, bedding, and home on a regular basis. Once the problem is under control don't stop, continue a routine your part of the country will decide how often and what you use. Permethrin will not hurt your chickens and most dogs do fine ( unless allergic) but it will kill cats. perrmethrin will only kill the adult fleas and doesn't last long so you will have to re-treat. I add some dust to pot ash from the wood stove and place it in a shallow hole your birds will treat themselves. Then spray the yard (keep all pets off until dried) then re-treat as needed. As mentioned before you must treat your pets every month and comfortis is the best for dogs I use advantage multi for the cats. Its also important to know that the flea that plagues us is the cat flea so unless you get the cats under control you won't have much luck.

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