How to know of chicken likes you

I occasionally (once or twice per week) get a handful of a snack my girls like (shredded cheese, seed snack mix) and just crouch down quietly for a few minutes in their run or range area and when one approaches me I let them take some of the snack from my closed hand. Once that happens they all figure it out and come running. My girls now know to expect it so every time I am within eyesight they run and pace the fence when they see me. I also sit out with them in a low chair, I'll post a picture, and I just sit and they enjoy sitting on my lap. It takes time and patience and some treats, but it works.
Most birds don't show affection like dogs by running up to let you pet them, it's just not natural for them. For chickens, I think they consider love and trust as almost the same thing. They trust me to bring them treats, take care of them, and not hurt them. If they act comfortable in your presence, they trust/love you. I have only had a couple hens who tolerated cuddles, and a few who let me pet them.

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