How to KNOW what chick I am getting?


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Alright, I had decided not to get any babies since I am getting rescue hens in a couple of months. However, Tractor Supply is getting chicks on the 28th and they will be mixed (he said he has no idea what will be in the mix). My middle son is screaming "I just REALLY want a Polish mommmmmmm", and from looking at pics, that should be easy to pick out in a crowd. However, my oldest is wanting a Silkie. Now, first, are all Silkies Bantams? I know NOTHING about them. Also, do they look really different as day old chicks? Can I tell the difference? I doubt they will have anything but just the normal stuff......this is backwoods Arkansas.....but just in case.....
At tractor supply, they'll have silkies with the bantams. The trouble is they order the bantam assortment from the hatchery, so they won't necessarrily have what you want. I've been to ours when they received their shipments for a couple of weeks now. The first time they had a ton of polish, and the second time they had no polish but almost all cochins and some little grey thing I couldn't identify.
When searching for silkies, I look for feathered legs and black skin, and they seem to have extra "poof" on their heads.
I hope you find what you're looking for!
silkies are real easy to see as chicks

5 toes and black feet and beak
Well, I'm a dunderhead. Completely forgot to mention the toes. Thanks, Stevie.
I always look for the feathered legs and black skin first, because it cuts down on time spent sifting through chicks.
Just a warning though, most feed stores, including ours, only orders the bantams straight run. The standards all come sexed as pullets, but the bantams you could be getting a lot of roos in there!!
Well, if I get a Silkie it will be just that, a single, solitary, Silkie.
I am already (hate to admit this) thinking it will become a mostly house chicken if possible.
I do believe I am pathetic!!!!!
bantams will look a little smaller than standard size chicks. and yes silkies are easier to find because of their 5 toes and blue or black skin. polish on the other hand can be idenified because they look a lot like silkies, but can be bigger in size, do not have 5 toes and have the great "poof" on the top of their heads.

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