How to make duck diaper harnesses?

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Aug 10, 2014

I'm planning on getting a few indoor ducks soon, and I need some diaper harnesses for them. I understand that nettie sells great diaper harnesses, however I don't think I can afford to pay $39.99 per adult harness and have a backup for each duck.- not to mention the cost of the duckling harnesses (unless she gives discounts for larger orders?). That being said, I'm wondering if anyone has instructions on how to make a diaper harness and can tell me what materials to use? I've searched the forums a little bit and haven't found anything useful. I'm not very good at searching though. I need to have a solution soonish, as Metzer Farms doesn't have the ducklings I want after November 10th.

Oh wow, she made a post about making a duck diaper! I'll have to send her a message later asking her for details. Thanks!

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