How to make my chicks mature faster?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
Hi, so I bought White Leghorn and Welsummers to show at a fair in four months. I realize I didn't give myself enough time to raise them, the family I ordered with wanted them in March. Fortunately, the fair is just 4-H and doesn't really care if the birds are laying, more on maturity and importantly their quality (a lot of times, they choose the birds to go to state that will be mature by the State Fair, a month later).

Leghorns grow pretty fast, so I'm not as worried about them, but I'm kicking myself for not ordering fast-growing bantams rather than standard Welsummers, which grow slower than normal. Is there any way I can make them grow faster? I know that growth rates are all based on breed and such, but what sort of factors can I alter to make them look more mature: larger body mass, larger comb/wattles? Any suggestions
You can’t really.You can feed them more but don’t wanna rush it cause you may result and just making them too fat for their size,which will probably make them more not as attractive.Waddle and comb size usually doesn’t appear until they get close to laying them it will grow and become more noticeable.

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