How to make my rooster crow less


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
In the moring my black australorp rooster will crow then in the afternoon he stops and i was wondering would he crow more he i get him s hen or should i not and he keeps try to mate with a baby female chick so should i

if you want him to lead a natural life with others of his own kind then get him some hens. Either way the young chick needs protecting from him until she is of an appropriate age. Even then if she is the only hen you keep with him then he will show her all his attention which is not ideal really. So get another 2 or 3 to prevent him pestering the little one all the time.

They are Territorial and crow to announce this to other cocks a bit like the wild song birds in your garden. lonely young males tend to announce their presence more than mature contented males with a flock of their own. However all cocks vary in their dominance and if there is a neighboring cock who keeps starting a crowing competition then he will find it hard to resist the temptation to answer back.
well i have two other rooster too one he grew up with and the other is not but they all are still small so does this count and i will sure get him so hen

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