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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Qi Chicken, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Jul 3, 2009
    OK, I think I have my breeds sorted out! Pretty standard although I wish I could get some dorkings............Want some wellsummers and Opa (I'm German so I believe everything he says!) said that estes hatchery has good ones. Thought I'd get everything from there but I will have a variety. Couple of questions for the experts:

    1. Would like to get the chicks by April 15. I think this will give them time to lay by fall so they will hopefully lay through winter. YES or NO?

    2. I would like to order a mixture of standards and bantams. More standards but some bantams, mostly sebrights. If they are all day olds, do you foresee problems as they grow? Big pick on little? Let them work it out?

    3. I would like to choose one breed to focus on, but don't know which one yet. I want to have a variety, then choose the kind I love the best to raise seriously. Will the hatchery stock be representative enough of the different breeds to make that choice?

    4. The chicken part of the chicken house is 122 square feet. I could order 25 and then sell the least favorites at the Kalona market in Iowa (IS THIS STILL GOING ON THIS YEAR??) Iowa people please respond!!!!!!!! Or I could order fewer chicks and pay the shipping penalty. What would you do? What is the cost of feeding them until they are able to be sold..(what age is this please) or would it be cheaper just to order fewer chicks??

    The coop is done. the run is not. Lots of interior work left but it's smelling like spring here in Iowa! The fog today was great! I know, I know.......don't bum me out with the april snowstorm stuff!
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    Hi amarie!

    I had the same problem when I first got chicks! Couldn't decide what breed to go with. Welsummers are awesome, you will love them.

    1. I think you timed it about right.

    2. I'd say you may want to just keep an eye on them and see how it goes. Give them plenty of space, maybe a bigger area with 2 heat bulbs so they can get away from each other. Just be prepared to separate them if necessary.

    3. It depends on who you ask , for the most part, hatchery stock will represent the breed fine. Just keep in mind that a breed can have several different bloodlines that can differ dramatically... color, size, conformation, TEMPERAMENT.

    4. Yes, the Kalona sales are still going on.
    It would be cheaper in the long run to buy less. You will be feeding, bedding less and will make your life all around much easier. I couldn't do that of course, I jumped in with both feet, but knew I'd be taking a loss and was ok with it. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten less breeds so I could concentrate on the lines more. If you're planning on breeding after that, do your research on the breed before you buy... buy the best you can afford... talk to breeders, several, to get other's points of view on the breeds.

    Have fun! [​IMG]
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    Quote:1 Yes

    2 Separate

    3 ?

    4 I would not have more than 25 total in that. I ordered more because cheaper and I have too many even with kids getting eggs too. You have to feed them and my 24 cost me about $500/year for feed, calcium shells, scratch grain. Cheaper to pay penalty and order what you need. Figure on losing a couple to unforeseen things, but PAY HEED TO PREDATORS AND DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM. And, ventilation, ventilation, ventilation. Very important. Regards space, I give mine 80 sq ft each o outside in run so as to be as close to free range as possible. I do not free range because I cannot watch them all day.

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