How to reintroduce chicken to my flock?

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    Hi, I had a chicken that was attacked during the night and had to have a wing amputation. She is recovering and the feathers are growing back. I don't know how to reintroduce her because I know they need to establish the pecking order again and I'm afraid how that will go. Any advice? [​IMG][/IMG][/IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    CTKen has already given you links that can help.

    IMO keep her separated with the "see but cannot touch" method until those pins feather out before you let them mingle. And how you accomplish that depends on the size of your coop/run and whether they live confined or free range. Describing specifics of your set up ( and pics) can get you some specific advice on how to arrange a temporary home close to the flock.

    With the loss of a wing it is likely she will be handicapped - so be thinking how to accommodate her to roost once you are successful in reintegration.

    So glad she is recovering, but so sorry about her injury.

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