How to sanitize your chicken coop?


7 Years
Mar 27, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
We got a new baby chicks in April and have a coop ready for them. We had old chickens that lived in the coop but they passed a while ago. I want to sanitize their coop because some our our older chickens got sick. I do not want any of the new ones to get sick. How do i thoroughly clean the coop? I has nesting boxes, a tree, and food and water dishes. Any tips on how to keep it clean? need advice quickly because i have to finish cleaning it tomorrow.
Mix 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Wipe everything down with that and then let it air out for a while. Be sure to wash all of the dishes well and rinse them before using them.
If any of the surfaces are tough to wash, such as bare wood, a spray bottle will do the trick.
Just remember that you cannot sanitize a surface that isn't CLEAN. I am new to chickens so I can't recommend a chicken-safe soap or detergent, but after you have cleaned soil off the coop and rinsed and rinsed some more, then disinfect with your bleach and water solution. In a couple of days, bleach breaks down to be as safe as water, so I agree it is probably your best bet.

My experience with cleaning is from 12+ years of breeding and showing pedigreed cats.

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