how to ship?

I don't know the entire process, but when I got shipped eggs, they were individually wrapped with bubble wrap, and then packed into an eggcarton, then packed into the box with lots of newspaper around it.
PO handlers are rough~
Just wanted to add to this that boxes are free at the post office. If shipping by weight use the "shoebox" size they have, and packing tape is your friend
Seems like I always am missing the stinkin tape... Oh, and make sure you pack the newspaper evenly on all sides of the carton, ends too.
well there are threads on this, but here it goes, I do not do flat rate, but you can get free boxes from the PO, I use the 12x12x8 priority boxes, the rate I've had is between $8 to $12 for shipping depend where its going. then I place 1 1/2 to 2 inches of packing on the bottom i.e. plastic grocery bags, package peanuts, then place a sheet of bubble wrap on that, each egg is double wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in the middle of the sheet, all eggs in the same direction, keep them away for the walls, a second layer can be added the same way as this, when all eggs are in box pull up the sides of the bubble wrap and place one more sheet on top, place peanut or bags on the sides snugly, place packaging on top to fill up space, you want the box contents not to move be don't squish them, tape it up, address it and done

if you have any questions ask, plus there other ways too, cartons or not I prefer not to use cartons
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I agree. This is an excellent way to ship eggs safely. No one likes to receive broken eggs.
I wrap my eggs either in thick foam or bubble wrap or alternate.
I use tissue paper, newspaper or some sort of paper to make it easier to remove so the egg slides out a-okay!
Then I wrap them in foam or bubble wrap or foam than bubble wrap.
Put them in an egg carton and tape it up and wrap bubble wrap around them and put them in a box with more bubble wrap and padding.

My boxes are often reinforced with cardboard and I use newspaper to reinforce the box sometimes too.
The eggs shoulud be snuggggggggggggged - I find that when the box is bulging, I have less broken eggs
in this case, less = 0. Usualy once in a blue I have a broken egg or two tops.
pay for it? you mean the shipping?

if you mean the eggs I use paypal, some use money orders or checks but they take more time
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