How to start a feed co-op


8 Years
Dec 17, 2011
I have a high-quality feed mill 1/2 from my house that makes custom feed, with a minimum order of one ton. (40 x 50 lb bags). I have seen their feed, it is excellent quality, but I can only use about 6-8 bags/month. I posted on Craigslist and found about 6 other like-minded individuals in my area who want to go in on regular orders of the feed. Between us we could easily use a ton every two months.

My question is how exactly should I set up the co-op? I am willing to go and pick up the feed if people pay me up front, then they would need to pick it up from me. Does anyone have any advice for how to successfully set up such a co-op? The cost savings we are looking at is significant (around $6/bag cheaper for a comparable product at a regular retail outlet). How can I organize it without having to make tons of phone calls or e-mails to everyone? Do I make a small charge from each person for gas money?

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