How to stop a broody hen and control the population of your flock

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    Apr 27, 2013
    I have a hen that, several weeks ago, was so insistent on hatching eggs that I let her. All of this is new to me (I've only had chickens for about one year now). It was extremely cold outside during this time, single digits, and she would not get off the nest to eat, drink, or poop. I read about how if you just leave them alone they finally will. Well, after three days, she still had not gotten off the nest. Long story short, I daily took her off the nest, covered the eggs with a warm towel, and let her poop. Also, I finally put the food/water close to her because she would not get off the nest to eat/drink and I did not want her to starve herself. Of the five eggs, she hatched three. She is a very good mother and stayed with the chicks for about 5-6 weeks. Even when she went in the pen with the big girls, for about a week she would continually go to the door where the babies were to check on them. (The door is made with chicken wire.)
    Well, now it has been 10 weeks since the babies hatched and she is broody again. While space is not an issue, I do not need anymore. I am trying the ice suggestion. So, here are my questions:
    1. Is there a reason to place the ice under her only once daily? Will the plastic "ice packs" work? They will stay colder longer.
    2. Why are you putting a real or wooden egg under her? Is this to show her that she can lay an egg and then walk away?
    3. Have you tried a ceramic egg? It seems as though it would stay cooler longer.
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    One of my hens sits there day after day, trying to hatch unfertile eggs, many times breaking them. I'm going to try the ice method. Hope it works as I have no roosters & just want hens for eggs.
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    Sep 8, 2013
    How unusual is it for a black sex-link hen to go broody and become a good mother? One of our hens has hatched out two chicks and at a week old appears to be a good mother.


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