How to stop run getting muddy???

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  1. I have a normal closed run attached to my chicken coop, and in winter it gets very muddy, well it already has so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to stop it getting worse, I have heard about putting straw down but I don't know whether this would work or just make a muddy-straw mix that will be just as bad??? Please help me as my hens backs are getting very muddy by my amorous rooster, also it is very nasty when I pick them up and they rub their feet on me.
    Please answer ASAP

    Here is the current state of my run


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    Oh mud! Inevitable to a certain degree with chickens. I used to use straw, but I feel that it holds more moisture than I like and gets stinky and/or slushy, hard and frozen depending on the season. I now use pine shavings with great success. They "absorb" mud much more readily and break down fairly quickly as they are a lot smaller in size. I just add another thin layer when it starts to get wet all the way through again. I scoop them all out down to the dirt and compost the shavings probably once or twice a year.

    Everyone has their own methods, and I'm sure will weigh in on them. You'll just need to find what works for you. Good luck! :)
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    Looks like you have a 2x4 on edge around the bottom of the run. I'd fill the floor up with 3" of sand. Sand lets the water drain away. No more mud.

  4. Nice run wish I had some mud here as in Death Valley all we have
    is sand and rock and if you raise your run a little more and add
    some sand like The Lazy L wrote it should alleviate your problem
    but you could also put the rooster in a separate cage for now ....


  5. Ok thankyou for your input, I will definitely look into the sand idea, shavings I don't think would work as the area where my run is can get rather windy
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    Lots of people like sand, and there are a lot of threads on here on the topic.... From your pictures though, your going to want to build up the sides of your run a bit if you go that route. A single 2x4 or 2x6 around the parameter would do the trick.

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