How to stop sitting and laying pattern? !

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    Help! I let one of my chickens set and we had 3 chicks hatch. I would like to stop the pattern. I marked the remaining eggs but now other hens have taken the liberty of adding to the clutch and this little hen is worn out! I really don't have room for more chicks but I am afraid some might be on their way to developing. How do I stop the sitting and let this hen be free!
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    When I have a persistent broody I remove her and put her in a separate area with no eggs, such as a hutch or separate coop. You could even use a dog cage. Just make sure food/water is in there, and some bedding to catch the poo. It is ideal to actually have it be a hutch with a floor that is a grate (so there is no nesting sensation and the air flows freely). I leave them there for 3 days or so and then reintegrate them.

    But if your hen is raising her chicks she shouldn't be setting on eggs?? I am not sure I understand your post. Is she raising the chicks?
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    No, the hen is not raising the chicks. We separated them because we are currently having predator issues. We are raising the chicks inside our home.
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    This works. I use a bird cage set on blocks to get the air flow underneath to break silkies
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    OK then you may be able to break her by separating her. But she may quickly go back to being broody. Sometimes I have to separate them two weeks later again after they go broody again!

    I did have a hen die of brooding. She brooded for a long time and wouldn't stop even though I separated her. I gave up after a couple of days and put her back in. Now I wait longer before putting them back in and haven't had one refuse to stop brooding by giving it longer- sometimes even a week.
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