How to store eggs for incubator?

sandy sea

16 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Rogersville MO
A friend of mine wants to hatch out 70 eggs from my chickens in his incubator. I have 16 hens and two roasters. One hen is now broody so I get about 14 or 15 eggs a day. What do I do with them after I collect them? Where do I store them and how long before they need to be put in the inc? Do they need to be really clean of poop? Anything else?
store them pointed end down in a egg carton. every day prop up one end of the egg carton, swap ends daily. keep them in a cool place around 60 degress. unless they are real dirty they will be ok. 10 days is the max on storing eggs for incubating. good luck.

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