How to take care of a Hen that goes broody a lot!!

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Jun 14, 2008
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I read that since Wyandottes go broody a lot that they need special care, while I have a Splash Wyandotte that is 10 months old and this is her second time going broody. The first time I kept taking her out of the box, because there were not fertile eggs to hatch, but since she went broody on Thursday, I had received 12 RIW eggs and because still not fertile eggs, due to lack of Roo, I placed the eggs under her and she accepted each one, Is there anything that I need to do to make sure that she is healthy during this time???
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We probably need a bit more information than this to offer any realistic suggestions. Mainly, are you keeping her locked up or allowing her to freely comingle with the flock? You might check out this link for ideas.

Isolate a Broody? Thread

Whichever way you go, she needs to have food, water, and a place to poop. I'd also suggest watching closely for roost mites, which means checking at night since they are not on the chickens during the day. I once heard an Ag Professor say that roost mites kill more broodies than anything else.

Beautiful hen, by the way!!!

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